Magnetic Instrument Mats Make Surgery Safer

Operating room is a zone of increased biohazard risk due to the high possibility of transmission of blood borne pathogens. Surgeons and operating room (OR) personnel are exposed to the risk of infection when sharps injuries and surgical glove tears occur while passing the sharps during the procedure. To reduce the possibility of percutaneous injuries, contaminations, and glove tears arising from handling sharp instruments in the operating room it is recommended to use hands-free technique and designate a sharp neutral zone. In a sharp neutral zone sharp instruments can be picked up and released without direct hand-to-hand contact.

магнитный коврик

Magnetic drapes or mats provide an effective, safe neutral zone in the operating room and thus make operating procedures safer for both the patient and the personnel. Round magnets hold instruments tightly and securely thus preventing them from falling onto the floor.
SurgStore re-usable magnetic mats have raised round magnetic pods. Magnets hold instruments in place during transfer between staff thus eliminating hand-to-hand instrument passing and effectively reduce the possibility of sharps injuries or glove cuts.
SurgStore re-usable magnetic mats are flexible, have non-slip backing and conform to any surface. The drapes can be sterilized with ETO or steam.
SurgStore magnetic mats are designed to provide a safer alternative to hand-to-hand passing of instruments in the operation room thus minimizing the risk of surgical sharps injuries and reducing the risk of surgical instruments falling off the sterile field during surgery.